Qualifications:I have a Masters degree in English Literature and Linguistics with a specialization in the methodology of teaching EFL/ESL.I speak three languages very well and get by in a couple of others.  

Story: I have been an English teacher as far back as I can remember. I started my career @ age 18 teaching English as a Second Language to new immigrants in New York City, 
New York City Immigrants-earth-photography.com
and although I had a lot other interests and work experience as well, I quickly realised that this is one trade I can put to good use anywhere in the world.

I moved to the Castelli Romani area in Italy about 5 years ago. 
Castelli Romani - Nemi
It is a lovely place to live and there is a lot of demand for my services.  In my experience, when an Italian  individual decides to travel, work or study abroad, he quickly realises how limited his chances or experience are if s/he doesn't speak GOOD English. This is partly due to the fact the Italian children don't learn English well in grade school and high school. There are many reasons for this but the list is too long.

Dedication: This site is dedicated to my Italian students and addresses the specific issues - grammar, vocab, and pronunciation -  Italian speakers face when learning English. 

You can post questions or comments and I will do my best to respond adequately. Whether you want to learn English or just brush it up, pass an exam or just have a conversation from time to time, drop me a line or call me @ 349.252.3884.